Vegan at Safeway Supermarkets (Oahu, Hawaii, USA)

We just got back from a trip to Oahu, Hawaii, USA, and were thrilled to find LOTS of amazing vegan products at the popular supermarket chain Safeway! From Earth Balance vegan butter to Beyond Meat Beef Crumbles to Hampton Creek vegan mayonnaise, any vegan will have a very easy time eating very well in Hawaii (and don't forget, Hawaii has many wonderful 100% vegan as well as vegan-friendly restaurants...check out our photo board "Vegan at Oahu Restaurants" for more info). We just uploaded to our OVER 50 PHOTOS OF VEGAN FOOD that we found at the Mililani Safeway and the Safeway in Honolulu on Beretania (near Piikoi). And I'm positive this list isn't even complete since we were kind of in a rush...we will definitely add more next time we visit! Most items were available at both locations, although the Beretania location did have a slightly larger selection (particularly on vegan ice cream...probably over a dozen choices of some excellent brands!). Click on any of the photos to check out our full album on Pinterest.

So all you kamaaina vegans and aspiring vegans...lucky you live Hawaii!

Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.