T's Restaurant (Vegan in Tokyo, Japan)

White Sesame Chilled Noodle Bowl with Fresh Vegetables and Mushrooms...perfect for a hot summer day!

Flavorful main dishes, delectable desserts, exceptional service, and a variety of packaged vegan foods available in gift-sized portions (including freshly-baked cookies!) are what we found at T's Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. We wish we had a longer vacation so we could have returned to try more of their food!

Pasta in a White Cream Sauce

Ryan ordered the White Sesame Chilled Noodle Bowl, which was wonderful and very refreshing on that muggy summer Tokyo day.  I opted for the Pasta of the Day, which was a bowl of perfectly cooked noodles and tons of fresh veggies and mushrooms in a creamy white pasta sauce. It was heavenly! When the manager, Nishioka-san stopped by to see how we were doing, I pointed to my pasta, gave an enthusiastic two thumbs up, and said "Oishii (delicious)"! He then shouted out something in Japanese towards the open kitchen, where all three chefs bowed their heads and responded back in gratitude. Now THAT was cool.

Along with the entrees, each of our lunch set menus came with this fresh green salad:

Definitely save room for dessert. The pictures on the dessert menu looked so good, I wanted to order one of each. But we settled on the Crème Brûlée and Fruit Parfait, and were delighted with both.  Crème Brûe in particular, is not always easy to do vegan, but this one was great.

Crème brûlée...light, airy custardy filling with a thin CRISPY topping. Vegan perfection!

Fruit Parfait with berry ice cream, soy whipped cream, mixed nuts, cornflakes, and berry compote. Yes, it was as delicious as it looks.

We stopped by the display at the front of the restaurant to pick up some freshly baked cookies and other goodies. As we were walking back to the train station, we couldn't resist trying some of the cookies, even though we were really full.  After a few bites each, we just looked at each other, and immediately turned around to go back and get more!

T's Restaurant is a bright, clean, and modern establishment located on the lower level of the Luz building. This building is easy to spot by its rectangular green and blue tinted windows.


In the lower level of the Luz Building

Luz Building

T's Restaurant is at 2-9-6 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, (Unit B1F in the Luz Building), Telephone 03-3717-0831. They are currently open daily from 11:00am to 11:00pm (11am to 3pm for lunch, 3pm to 5:30pm for tea, and 5:30pm-11pm for dinner, last call dinner 10pm).  T's is 99% vegan; they do not use meat, fish, dairy or eggs, but some dishes may contain honey.

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Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.


T's Restaurant Lunch Dessert Menu as of July 2014 (click to enlarge)

T's Restaurant Lunch Menu as of July 2014 (click to enlarge)

A mural explaining their concept greets you when you enter T's Restaurant.