Mihane Ice: 100% Vegan Ice Cream Shop (Tokyo, Japan)

There is a wonderful 100% vegan ice cream shop in Tokyo called Mihane Ice. Their ice cream is made from organic brown rice. Ryan ordered a scoop of mango, and me, deciding to be spontaneous and adventurous, selected a pink-ish red ice cream called domani without first tasting a sample. It turned out to be tomato! Kind of a funky flavor for ice cream, but Ryan and I both really liked it. Since rice milk is often relatively thin, we thought it might be sort of like sorbet. But this was rich and very creamy...definitely ice cream! The texture was exceptionally smooth. It came with a piece of delicate waffle cookie as a garnish. So delicious, and again, perfect on a hot summer Tokyo day.

It says "Vegan Ice Cream" in English right on the ice cream freezer!

Mihane Ice also serves lunch (100% vegan), but we arrived in the middle of the afternoon so they were only serving ice cream at the time. We were able to snap pics of the lunch menu photos, and they looked really good!

We wanted to try more flavors, but didn't think the ice cream would fare well in our suitcases back to the US. They were, however, selling packages of the waffle cookies served with our ice cream, so we got a couple of those. Also available for sale was their Mihane Vegan Ice Cream Recipe Book. The pictures looked wonderful, but since all the recipes were in Japanese and our knowledge of Japanese is extremely limited, we decided to pass. Now I kind of wish I had bought it...

Mihane Ice is located at 1-4-5 Okayama, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, Japan, in a quiet residential neighborhood. They are currently open daily from 11am to 7pm.

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Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.