Pure Café (Vegan in Tokyo, Japan)

BLueberry Muffin at 100% vegan Pure Café in Tokyo, Japan

Located in a bright, high glass-walled space immediately adjacent to an Aveda Salon is 100% vegan restaurant Pure Café. We had a very enjoyable breakfast there on our first full day in Tokyo, and we were disappointed that we were not able to make it back to try their lunch or dinner items.

After a very long plane ride, I was a bit jet-lagged and was craving salad (one of the many strange-but-good things that happened after I went vegan...in my pre-vegan days, I disliked most salad greens, but now I crave it especially when I'm run-down or exhausted). So I was really happy to find a Salad Set on Pure Cafe's breakfast menu...it really hit the spot. The artisan bread that accompanied it was really good as well; flavorful with a nice crust, and soft enough to enjoy. The real standout was Ryan's blueberry muffin. It had an excellent crumb and a pleasantly crunchy topping. Should have bought another for the road.

Pure Café had a number of packaged breads, muffins, cookies, and other food items for sale. There were also books (including an English version of PETA's Celebrity Vegan Cookbook), flyers, and magazines advertising various local art and music events.

Pure Café is located at 5-5-21 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. They are currently open seven days a week from 8:30am to 10:30pm (last order 10pm). The featured pastry of the day was a Blueberry Cream-Filled Donut, but unfortunately they were sold out by the time we got there. From the photos on the wall inside the dining area, it looks like they may take special orders for gorgeous cakes, tarts, and cheesecakes.

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Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.