T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station (Vegan in Tokyo, Japan)

Shirunashi Tantan Noodle Bowl with a side of Smile Curry at 100% vegan T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station (Tokyo, Japan)

If you take a trip to Tokyo, Japan, chances are you'll find yourself inside the gargantuan Tokyo Station at at least one point in your journey. The Narita Express takes you from Narita International Airport right into Tokyo Station. If you find yourself there, definitely stop by the 100% vegan T's Tantan for a hearty bowl of ramen (noodles) or Japanese curry!

Smile Curry with Brown Rice at 100% vegan T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station (Tokyo, Japan)

T's Shoyu Ramen at 100% vegan T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station (Tokyo, Japan)

Service is friendly and very efficient. On our first of three visits, there was a big line extending out into the main station (the only restaurant in the station we saw with a huge line...a great sign!), but turnover is quick so we only had to wait about 15 minutes. It was definitely worth it!

English menus are available, so just ask for one when you enter. The menu is streamlined...mainly noodle bowls, curry bowls, soy meat bowls, and a soup (during breakfast hours). We ate there three times during our trip, and everything we tried was flavorful and fresh. The dashi (broth) in the noodle soups were rich and hearty (and vegan), and the noodles were cooked perfectly. I especially liked the Smile Curry, which tasted like it was made from many different vegetables, including sweet vegetables like carrots and pumpkin. The summer special Matsaman Curry was also very good...that one had some heat to it.

Breakfast Soup with Rice from 100% vegan T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station (Tokyo, Japan)

T's Hiyashi Tantan Chilled Noodle Bowl with a side of Smile Curry at T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station

T's Tantan Signature Noodle Bowl (100% vegan restaurant inside Tokyo Station)

The dining area is modern and well lit.  There are numerous signs and murals around the place making it very clear that this is a vegan restaurant. Prices are extremely reasonable for the quality and quantity of food you receive.

T's Tantan is located inside of Tokyo Station on Keiyo Street (yes, the station is so huge it actually has its own streets inside!). Keiyo Street is near the South Yaesu Exit, so follow signs toward that exit until you see signage that says "Keiyo Street". If you are at the far end of the station, you may have to follow signs toward the Central Yaesu Exit until signs for the South Yaesu Exit appear. As is the case for all Tokyo Station restaurants and shops, you need to enter the station with a JR Rail Pass, Suica Card, or an individual train/subway ticket. Once you find T's Tantan, don't worry if there's a long line outside...turnover is quick.

T's Tantan (100% vegan restaurant inside Tokyo Station in Japan). Don't worry if there's a long line outside...service is very efficient and turnover is quick.

T's Tantan inside Tokyo Station is currently open daily from 7am to 11pm. T's Tantan also has a more upscale sister restaurant called T's Restaurant (99% vegan as they use honey in a few dishes) in the Meguro-ku area of Tokyo.  T's Restaurant is also well worth visiting as they have a much more extensive menu, including luscious desserts.

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Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.