New Vegan Sandwiches at Los Angeles area Subways

UPDATE 2015-08-24: The Subway located at 18086 Culver Dr. (at Michelson next to Wholesome Choice Market), Irvine, Orange County, CA, USA is currently testing the Malibu Garden Sandwich. This location is open 24 hours a day. One of the managers told me it will probably stay on the menu for only a couple more months, unless it sells really well. Thank you to Instagram users @vegan_keith and @411veg for first posting about this location. If anyone knows of any other Orange County locations testing either of the new vegan sandwiches, please let me know Thank you!

*UPDATE 2015-03-10: Subway is expanding these two vegan sandwiches to over 300 locations in Washington, DC, USA and 100 locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA, USA. If these vegan sandwiches continue to do well, we could be looking at a nationwide rollout, exposing potentially millions of non-vegans to vegan food!

Nine Subway restaurants in Los Angeles, CA, USA are now testing two new vegan sandwiches...the Malibu Garden and the Black Bean. And each of these sandwiches comes with a specially created vegan sauce!

I tried the Malibu Garden sandwich at the Subway at a business park/strip mall called The Edge at Campus El Segundo (near LAX), located at 825 Douglas Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA. The Malibu Garden Patty is made from brown rice, rolled oats, corn, carrots, onions, and peppers, topped with a Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce. I ordered this with the Hearty Italian Bread, which is vegan. The Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce looked a little creamy, so I asked the sandwich artist if it really was vegan, and she confirmed that it was. Upon closer inspection of the placard advertising the sandwich, I did see that the sauce was indeed creamy-looking. And of course, you can get all the veggie toppings you want. Plus yay for potato chips being vegan (hey, at least I got the baked ones)! This meal was actually quite delicious!

I tried the Black Bean sub at their location at 509 Washington Blvd, Venice, CA 90291, USA (in a small strip mall between Beach and Ocean Avenues).  The patty is made from black beans, brown rice, corn, bell peppers, and a touch of cilantro and garlic. It comes with a thick and creamy vegan sweet potato curry sauce, which was quite tasty.

Thank you to Compassion Over Killing for spearheading this effort to put hearty vegan options onto the menu of the largest fast food chain in America. As part of our big tent philosophy, we welcome this opportunity to expose more non-vegans to vegan food. With over 25,000 Subway locations across the country, if this goes national, it will be much easier for so many people to grab a quick vegan bite.

Los Angeles area vegans -- the rest of the country is counting on us! Let's make this limited-time test run a success at the nine locations testing the Malibu Garden and Black Bean subs and help bring vegan subs into Subways restaurants nationwide!

Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.