Vegan Chocolate Eggs and Bunnies

Large Chocolate Eggs by Sjaak's, dark chocolate-filled chunky peanut butter & rice milk chocolate-filled caramel. Fillings in these are very generous, throughout the entire egg despite what it looks like in this pic. Small eggs by Premium Chocolatiers, white vanilla cream filled.

Chicken-hugger vegans can enjoy vegan chocolate yummies like these around this time of chickens (or even cows for that matter!) were harmed in the making or eating of THESE eggs!

We picked up the large foil-wrapped Sjaak's eggs from Viva La Vegan in Santa Monica, CA, USA, but you can also order from Sjaak's directly. These are the same general size as Cadbury's eggs; maybe a bit narrower and a tad longer. The blue/yellow/pink foil combo were dark chocolate-filled chunky peanut butter, and the green/purple/blue combo were rice milk chocolate-filled caramel. The fillings in these were very generous, throughout the entire egg despite what it looks like in the photo. My ideal egg would be caramel inside of dark chocolate, but I'm not complaining! The smaller eggs we ordered directly from Premium Chocolatiers, and those were filled with white vanilla cream. The cream inside was very sweet, and reminded me of the Cadbury egg filling (except this cream had no yellow; it was all white...I think that's a good thing, because it would be freaky if it looked TOO much like a chicken's egg!). The amount of cream in each on varied a bit; some definitely had more than others. Here's a pic of the carton they came in and what they looked like inside.


We also got a couple of other things from Premium Chocolatiers. One is this adorable vegan chocolate Benny. I actually got this for a friend of mine named Benny who I think might be on his way to becoming vegan. If you know who I'm talking about, don't tell him I said that. His mom and big sis are solidly on team vegan, but he's not quite there yet and still a flight risk! We also got some No-No's. The size, texture, and flavor of these remind me a lot of Sixlets from my pre-vegan days. :)

If you're a marshmallow peeps lover, be sure to read our post from last year about the cute vegan marshmallow chicks and bunnies from Sweet and Sara.

Thanks for reading. Peace and love to all who live.


P.S. Check out this 15-second video of how a chicken might react when she finds out you've decided to celebrate springtime or Easter with vegan chocolate eggs instead of her eggs. <3